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Christmas is the time of year where we all wait to the last minute to find the right gift for everyone on your list.  Sometimes the right gifts mean spending a little more money than what you initially expected.  If you need a loan for the Christmas season, then give us a call and let Citizens Savings & Loan help with your seasonal financial needs.

Our personal loan products can give you the cash you need in the time you need it.  We have experienced that Christmas is the time of year where many of our customers need a financial boost to help them get through the Christmas season.  As a local finance company, we want to make sure we respond to your personal loan requests in a timely manner so that your Christmas experience is a positive one.  Our response time can often times be same-day service.  Simply phone one of our convenient locations and tell us what you want and what time you will be in. We can often have your money ready within hours. Applying online will shorten the time. Our personal loans are often secured by personal property, but may also be unsecured depending upon credit quality.

Loans for the Holiday Season
We encourage you to stop in to one of our locations and talk to one of our professionals about our consumer loan products.  If you are in need of cash quickly for the Christmas season, apply online today and let Citizens Savings & Loan work for you. 
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