Managing Your Finances and Debts

If you are constantly asking, "where did all my money go," you are not alone. Many people do take the time to review their income and expenses in detail and therefore do not manage their money efficiently. In order to successfully manage your money and especially to build savings and wealth, you need to make the time to organize your income and expenses. It is especially important to itemize your expenses in categories to determine which expenses can be reduced. A reduction of $5.00 per day in expenses equals a savings of $1,825 per year. Creating a financial budget or plan will help reduce impulse purchases.  Creating and maintaining a savings account and building wealth is more a result of your attitude and disciple in managing your money and controlling your spending rather than the amount of money you earn. These two brochures "The Consumer Almanac" and "Building Wealth" contain ideas and suggestions to help you effectively manage your money.

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