About Us

Citizens Savings & Loan Corporation is one of Tennessee’s oldest consumer finance companies with offices in the Eastern and Central Tennessee markets, as well as North Georgia. Citizens began on November 24, 1917 as a general loan and savings company. While the savings and loan name has been retained for over 100 years, Citizens is not a savings and loan as they are known today. Citizens is a consumer finance company specializing in personal loans. 

Citizens was opened by local citizens in 1917 to serve the loan needs of people who have limited access to bank credit. Citizens primarily makes secured and unsecured loans to individuals with less than perfect credit or collateral for personal, family or household purposes. Automobiles and personal property are all acceptable as collateral for secured loans. Citizens also purchases retail installment sales contracts from various retail merchants.

Over the years, we have changed as we have expanded our loan services to better serve your needs. We’ve added technology that makes loan approvals faster and easier; you can even use our convenient online portal from almost any electronic device! We’ve also opened new locations to make it easier for you to do business with us.

But in some very important ways, Citizens is just the way it was in 1917. Citizens is still independently owned and operated and we intend to stay that way.  At each office, you’ll deal with local, experienced, and qualified people who are eager to help you with your loan request. Loan approvals are made by people who know you and the community. Most loan decisions are made by the branch manager and there is no waiting for an out-of-state person to approve your loan. At Citizens you’ll receive the personal attention and service you deserve!

For over 100 years, lending money to help hard-working people improve their quality of life has been our only business.  We have earned the trust of generations of area people through our commitment to provide fair, dependable, and reliable service before and after the loan is made.

We look forward to meeting you and help you achieve your financial goals.

Better Business Bureau Accredited A+ Member since 1960.