Car Club Membership

Many of our customers have an interest in protecting themselves against unexpected travel expenses. We, at Citizens Savings & Loan, act as an agent for Liberty Motor Club and can provide this peace of mind through a membership to our customers. We feel that a Liberty Motor Club membership provides a great value to its members and so we want to bring that piece of mind to our customers.

Some of the benefits of Liberty Motor Club membership are:

  • Up to $75 for Emergency Road Service. We’ll pay you up to $75 for a service call to your disabled automobile
  • Up to $75 Wrecker Service. We’ll pay you up to $75 of costs to tow or extricate your disabled car
  • Up to $200 Long Distance Towing. If more than 100 miles from home, member may choose to have vehicle towed home
  • Free Map Service. Receive maps showing the best route to any destination on the continent
  • $300 Emergency Travel Expense. If your car becomes disabled more than 100 miles from home, we’ll provide you with up to $300 to continue your journey or for room and board while you wait on your auto to be repaired
  • Emergency Ambulance Expense. Receive up to $200 to cover ambulance fees for transporting you from an auto accident to the hospital
  • $2,500 Stolen Auto Reward. We will post $2,500 as a reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of person(s) responsible for theft of your automobile
  • $20 Flat Tire Repair. Receive $20 to apply toward flat tire repairs
  • $20 Battery Charge. Receive $20 to apply toward a battery charge
  • $75 Lockout Service. Receive reimbursement up to $75 for a service representative or locksmith to open your locked automobile
  • $750 Personal Defense Fees. For vehicular homicide defense, we will pay up to $250 to an attorney of your choice for a preliminary hearing and up to $500 more in fees for legal court defense fees
  • $150 Traffic Court Defense. We will pay up to $150 in fees to your attorney to defend you on a traffic ticket
  • $150 Legal Fees – Auto Damage. We will pay up to $150 in fees to the attorney of your choice to collect damages to your automobile due to a collision
  • $150 Legal Fees – Injury. We will pay up to $10 in fees to the attorney of your choice to collect for personal injuries sustained in an automobile accident

Benefits are paid directly to the member, except where otherwise noted. You choose the wrecker, road service, locksmith, or other provider and Liberty Motor Club will reimburse you up to the maximum benefit. This is not an insurance policy. It is a club membership that provides benefits to aid motorists with unexpected expenses.

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Please call or visit one of our branch locations for more information on this valuable service. You can become a Liberty Motor Club member whether or not you are a loan customer.