Taking Out Personal Loans in an Emergency

We have all been in a situation where life is going smoothly. But then, out of nowhere, an unexpected event happens. Oftentimes, unexpected events create unexpected expenses. This can add further stress to your already stressful situation, especially if you have less than perfect credit due to some earlier hardships in life. Fortunately, Citizens Savings & Loan has been helping good people get the emergency loans that they need for over 100 years.

How it Works

When you need money fast, there is nothing more frustrating than having to fill out pages of paper and playing the waiting game before you are approved. You also do not want to take the quick route of going to a short-term, small dollar lender and possibly paying more for the loan than you need to. This is where Citizens Savings & Loan comes in! Our focus is to help people get the personalcar, or bill consolidation loans that they may not be able get at their bank or credit union. You can save time and effort by getting a local decision from a knowledgeable and friendly associate at any of our convenient branch locations…and save money by skipping the potentially higher rates and fees of other lenders. You can also save on the hassle of a paper application by getting the process started early on our quick and easy online application. We look forward to you becoming a part of the Citizens family!

Connect with us!

If you would like to learn more about the process of obtaining a personal loan from Citizens Savings & Loan, or if you would like to learn more about other types of loans we provide, we encourage you to contact us today or stop by any of our convenient locations. You can also get the process of applying for a loan started now, simply fill out our online application form and a friendly Citizens representative will contact you!